How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2019 And Beyond!

Pinterest has become increasingly popular over the past few years. One of the main reason is that it is mostly based around the culinary niche or anything related to food. While that is the broadest niche, it also caters to other niches such as health and fitness, weight loss and many other niches where one can make a part time or even a full time income online. Just as anything else on the internet, Pinterest is always changing and while there are some money making strategies that were once working very well when Pinterest first started to gain popularity, there are some that will always work and it doesn’t matter if the year or the time, these are guaranteed ways on how to make money on Pinterest in 2019 and beyond.

Build An Audience Around Your Passion

By far, the easiest way on how to make money on Pinterest in 2019 is to simply build an audience around your passion. This will require you to look inside and really think about an area that you could talk about, everyday, regardless if you’re getting paid to do so or not. Simply start a Pinterest channel around it. Upload awesome photos that are congruent with whatever niche you’re targeting and right away, you won’t be able to start bringing in big loads of money, but if this were a process, you pushed a snowball down the hill and this ties in perfectly to the next point and what to do once you’ve build an audience around your passion.

Promote Affiliate Products

Although there are many affiliate marketing networks, one of the best that we always recommend is ClickBank. ClickBank is great because they pay weekly, on time, and they have thousands of products to choose from in just about every niche that you can think of. Another benefit of ClickBank is that there is no waiting to approve a specific product. If you want to promote one, simply grab your affiliate link coded to your affiliate ID, and when people buy that product through your link, you will get paid. Just promote, and get a check in the mail. It really IS that easy.

Offer Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Take a look around and what do you see? You see an entire world of other Pinterest marketers who may be in the same boat as you. They are trying to build out their Pinterest channel and ultimately, make money with whatever product and/or service it is that they happen to be promoting. Along the way of building your own Pinterest channel, you will start to notice some marketing strategies that work very well.

So, you simply keep track of what works, kick to the curb what doesn’t work, and then package and sell what DOES work in a PDF or video training. If you’re really creative, you don’t need to build out a channel. Just brand yourself as a Pinterest expert and study it and watch what other people are doing and then just sell that information as your training.

Conclusion: How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2019 And Beyond!

There you have it – these are guaranteed ways on how to make money on Pinterest in 2019 and beyond. As long as you stay persistent enough to master one of these techniques, you will surely reap the benefits as you start to get better at your execution, and attract a crowd that knows likes and trusts you.